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Get Results Tutoring is always looking for qualified teachers in every subject area!


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Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

  • Talk about how the school is going to handle keeping students safe.

  • Set a tone for positive good communication.

  • Visit the school website

  • Get to know the school staff

  • Establish your role now to support learning

  • Set new goals for this 2020

  • Establish a school work routine

  • Discuss The Activity schedule

  • Adjust the schedule to set children up for success

  • Help your child be ready for the fall

  • Get organized at home if you choose to keep your child home and do online instruction.

  • Set your schedule for Tutoring now for at least twice a week

Get Results Tutoring has implemented online live instruction with live tutor support in place.  Similar to our in-center service our experienced tutors will help your child get flexible support for individual and unique needs. Whether your student is working online lessons from school, assigned school work, test prep or gaining access to new or different online curriculum in order to stay in sync with the school

Get Results Tutoring is prepared to assist your child.  

The Center Presently Open if you decide you would rather of  in person face to face instruction using all the safety protective practices.

At Get Results Tutoring we can instruct on numerous topics. We teach reading skills, writing and math skills.  If your child needs a tutor in Science , Math, English, a Language and/or Writing the center can offer different teachers for different subjects.

We also will be running micro classes with same age students for Elmentary and High School.

This might not be true with one private tutor.

Getting into college can be quite a challenge. Get Results Tutoring is here to help raise your child's SAT/ ACT exam score so they can get into the college of their choice! We offer practice exams  test strategies and and skills that will help the student reach their desired score.

We will helping to build strong test taking strategies for any test.

We also offer assistance with college applications and writing college essays.

Dear Mindy,

I want to thank you and the staff for all the help and encouragement you've given me this past year. From aiding me with the college applications to the SATs ,you have helped me so much during this hectic period of my life. You are such a kind and patient person, qualities that make you such a wonderful teacher.

Thank you again, Grace



Dear Mindy,

Thank you for helping Leah. The critical reading skills she learned in your program truly helped her achieve her dream of getting admitted to College. We are thrilled she has this wonderful opportunity ahead, and we know she will continue to use the skills gained from your team to make the most of her college education. 

With my sincere thanks, Kate

I just wanted to share that my child received a 94.05% on her mid term. I am always pleased with the outcome from the tutors at Get Results. Thank you for helping my children stretch to their potential and beyond. 


~Lauren, SAT student who raised her score over 340 points