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Get Results Tutoring was founded by Mindy Cocolin in 2013. Mindy taught in Juniata, Waynesboro and State College Area school districts for 35 years before she retired from teaching and began running her own private tutoring business in State College. At first, Mindy ran a franchise for a national tutoring business, but she came to feel that this model emphasized profit over students' learning and success. So, Mindy split from the franchise and created GRT, and we've been happily helping students in the State College area (and beyond) succeed ever since.



Mindy is native to State College. She graduated from State College Area High School in 1975, and she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Penn State University in 1979.
In 1984, Mindy earned her Master of Education in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Penn State. She also has her principal certification and a K 12 reading specialist certificate.

Mindy still runs GRT to this day. When you give us a call or send us an email, it goes straight to her, and she is actively involved in the academic planning for every student that visits our center.



Meet the rest of our team

Business Manager


Ken is Mindy's husband. He runs the legal end of the business and manages payment, employment, and a host of other things.




KC specializes in math, SAT, and ACT tutoring. When he's not at GRT, KC is a full-time math sub at the State College area high school.


Tutor + Web Manager


Josh focuses primarily on math and SAT prep. He also manages GRT's online presence, including social media and this website.




Garett is a state certified social studies and English teacher. He works with students in a variety of academic subjects.



Tyler has experience in many different subjects, but his favorite is physics. Tyler also works for Penn State's physics department.

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Donna has her master's degree in special education and a reading specialist certification. She offers tutoring online.




Eli has a background in physics and computer science, and he draws on his experience to help students studying science and math.

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