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   " My SAT score now sits well above the score necessary for the University I want to attend, and I couldn't be happier! "

"I wanted to let you know that Colman has a 94.85% in math and his last quiz he received a 116%! Yeah! so proud of him.  Feel free to take a look at his grades in HAC  Thank you for all of the efforts you all put forth in working with my son." -


"Wanted to share that Faith was accepted to her "reach" School. The acceptance letter came with a hand written note that said based on her academic criteria she should have been wait listed but because she showed HUGE improvement in her SAT scores she was admitted because she proved she was willing to work hard." 




"Mrs. C., I promise to keep all of the fun memories we had laughing, talking and learning how to be a much better reader. I wanted you to know I took the MAP test today and I think I knew most of all the answers.  It made me feel great.  Please let the other teachers who worked with me know too. I will come back to visit as much as I can. I loved working with everyone.

Have a great summer, Casher"

"I am so excited that my SAT Reading score went up 120 points.  I am now back at Get Results trying to get an even higher Math score."

-  Jin

" Clayton went up to the 85 th percentile this year in Reading" " We are so  happy with his progress"

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