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Test Prep


GET RESULTS TUTORING  Test Prep includes individualized instruction from experienced tutors, homework and at least one full length practice test. After interim practice test a conference is held to discuss the student's progress and confirm goals or establish new ones.

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One-to-One Test Preparation Programs  or Small Group Test Prep

SAT Programs:

  • 40 hour plus program-

  • 26-39 hour program-

  • 15 -25 hour program-


All Programs Must be Paid in Full  Prior

To First Session.

 15 to 25 hour Program averages a 40 to 60pt increase in one subject area.

  • Provides: Extra boost in one subject area

  • Maximize math or critical reading

  • One full-length SAT after 8 to 10 hours.

  • One full-length SAT at the end.

A 26 -39 hour program averages 

60 to 120 pt increase

  • Provides: a concentrated boost in Critical Reading and Math

  • 12+ hours in Math and 12+ hours in Critical Reading

  • 2 full-length SAT after every 12+ hours

  • 2-2 hour sessions for Math and Reading review of Practice Test

A 40 hour plus program averages a

120 to 200 plus pt increase

  • Personalized program designed around strengths and weaknesses  to help achieve test score goal.

  • Complete assessments using full-length SAT exams used for ongoing instruction. Maximize math and verbal tests scores in a time frame tailored to student's needs

ACT Programs:   Many  students are choosing to take the ACT . The ACT measures aptitude in Math,English, Reading and Science and you can choose or not choose to write the essay.


  Prices for ACT program are the same as SAT:

  Both Programs Provide:

Full length practice TESTs

One to one individualized instruction given by expert tutors.

Extensive Curriculum including homework and genuine exam questions.   

Practice Tests reviews and setting of future goals.

Includes content and strategy instruction applicable to any test taking situation.                               

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