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Ages 3-5

We start by helping your child build a strong foundation and love for reading We also provide a head start in Math by developing number sense, including one to one correspondence, counting , sequencing and identifying and writing numbers.











Ages 6-12

This year we will be providing additional services including covid 19 micro classes of same age students no greater than 4 to 6 students packages. These group can attend mornings, afternoons, evenings. This will all depend on the needs of the group.  We also will be providing Homework Help assistance, Home School assistance and any help needed with remote learinging from

With the help of ongoing assessments we identify and teach the basic math foundational skills that he or she will later apply as they move through the grades. Each math skill is taught to mastery before moving on.

We also assess each student's current reading skills and  teach to mastery the  skills that will build strong reading comprehension and a lifelong love of reading.




At  Get Results we have an exceptional staff.   The owner is retired with over 35 years of teaching experience with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and holds Reading Specialist and  Principal certifications.  The  other staff members are equally qualified with Teaching Certification ,Masters, and degrees in Math, Chemistry, English, Biology , Pre Med, Special Education as well as Early Childhood Education and English as a Second Language.  If You are looking for a tutor that can help you raise you grades you want to contact us.

  Ages 13  and up

Middle School and High School can be overwhelming if your child does not feel confident with their reading,writing. math , and/or study  and Test Taking skills.  We will give them the tools to not only be successful now but what they will need to be successful in the future.

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