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Get Results vs Private Tutoring

Tutors employed by GET RESULTS are selectively chosen  and monitored based on expertise and training and they possess a great deal of knowledge in their area of study. They are hired by a face to face interview and all references are contacted. They are not hired over the phone or by Skype. They also must demonstrate the ability to interact with our students in a positive productive manner and must go through our training program.   Many of our tutors hold Masters Degrees and certifications in areas like reading, math, special education and ELL.  All our tutors have all their background checks and are always closely monitored. 

GET RESULTS TUTORING is extremely well-stocked with current curriculum pieces and materials with corresponding interactive computer programs, worksheets, and manipulatives.  We don't just depend on School District materials and we do not plan as we go.  We use research based informative assessments to drive our instruction and to adjust a student's program.

GET RESULTS can instruct on numerous topics because we have the staff that possess expertise in all the major disciplines.  Our tutors offer experience in helping students absorb material. 

GET RESULTS offers a very specific structure. We are very good at outlining what a student needs and how s/he will receive instruction for it.  We are extremely flexible and always revise our plans based on needs of the student.  If students or a student would need a study group or a literature discussion group we are able to create such a setting.   Each student has their own instructional plan written in his/her own binder and all instructional practice, instruction, curriculum used, assessments and teacher notes are kept during each session.  There is no risk of inconsistency as Tutors are carefully matched with students and they are held accountable.   

The major benefits of GET RESULTS TUTORING  are: The ability to have more than one set of eyes on the students progress.  The ability to switch tutors in order to get the best fit.  The ability to teach the students t in a setting where there are many , many resources available in order to best meet the needs immediately.   The ability for students to  study in a one on one setting where it is set up for  minimal distractions with the ultimate goal of buildng self esteem, confidence a stronger skill set  and study skills.   No student is ever working on a computer independently without close supervision of an instructor.  We truly do GET RESULTS!

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